Significant trends of iOS application development in 2017

iOS application development is considered to be the next to Android as far as number of downloads are concerned, but stands first when it comes to the revenue gain. Hence there are few trends that are going to mould the iOS application development in 2017.

Although the role of mobile application has widened the utility, invaded the multiple aspects of everyday life. On the basis of comprehensive research, some varied utility has been witnessed till the end of the year 2016 and further manifested in the onset of 2017. By looking into prospective in the year 2017, Apple is expected to bring some dynamic changes in order to adapt the changing requirements of market demands. Apple App Store continuously breaking records as far as revenue is concerned. While comparing Google’s Android with Apple’s mobile platform, revenue from iOS is approximately four times more than Android app. In order to maintain strong revenue and increasing in the hits of download, developers must take initiative regularly to constantly update by adapting the latest tools as well as techniques. Following are some of the development that are going to mould the trends in 2017:

• Thrilling 3D games with the augmented reality

After all the publicity and prediction as far as virtual reality and augmented reality are concerned, the entire 2016 evolved around the comprehensive research conducted on these technologies. Hence 2017, we will be expecting iOS app developers to be employing augmented reality add-one with the ultimate motive to make the games much more interactive and engrossed. As the GPS tools are turning out more reliable as well as robust, it has completely encroached VR and AR to be the next go-to-tools to further fortify 3D game development. This would enhance top rated iOS application development to bring some more creativity.

• More innovations on IoT applications

By the end of the year 2020, there will be approximately 55 billion internet connected devices which is expected to supersede the rate of population increase. This will apparently be increasing the demand of IoT based mobile apps by the iOS users. As far as iOS handsets are concerned, there has been increase in demand of the IoT based apps. Although this trend has been started at the year 2016 and will be proved to be invasive as the passing days in 2017. Hence IoT are pulling their sleeves to introduce class technologies in order to gain whopping profit by creating the most value adding apps. The way iBeacon technology has gained popularity, even IoT is turning out to be more sophisticated than ever. Hence according to the latest technologies, Apple has launched beacon-based application in order to prove its versatility in retail industry and commercial use.

• Initiatives on great User experience

It must be aware that the user end experience is quite significant as well as vital in future. There are few factors which ensure the importance of significant user experience:
1. Smart
2. Navigation-friendly
3. Top class animation
4. Great graphics
If the app is ad supported, then the advertisements should not prove to be hindered as far as users’ activities are concerned. Developers must stay away from making dishonest claims in of store descriptions. Right after discovering the new app after downloading and using it. But the entire thing must be a seamless one.

• Enterprise mobility strategies

As far as iOS sector is concerned, enterprise application development sector. In 2017, more than half of the US companies will be dedicating enterprise application which proves that enterprise app development will be invading. Hence as far as enterprise app development is concerned, this is considered to the major consideration among the mobile application development. In case regarding the flow of enterprise apps which are based on the interaction and real time engagement and maintain the dynamism between data as well as task. Hence iOS application development companies are making the best use of enterprise mobility in order to manage CRRM functions in a multiple way.

• Swift will remain the most-preferred programming language

The invasion of Swift language will ensure iOSdevelopers to make fortified use of Apple’s fundamental programming language. Although it has not been too long to spread the popularity of Apple’s swift coding language. With the help of Objective-C and Swift moving ahead to bring the best out of the iOS application development. Since Swift language is the open source for the users, hence Objective-C would still be remained behind. So, in order to create feature-enriched industry-specific, Swift language is considered to be highly favourable by tech savvy iOS application developers. Hence in 2017, we are expected to see the utilisation of swift 3.0 for developing apps for WatchOS, tvOS etc.

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